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  • Rainbow Six Siege: UNDETECTED
  • CoD: Black Ops Cold War: UNDETECTED
  • Dead By Daylight: UNDETECTED
  • Sea Of Thieves: UNDETECTED
  • CoD: Black Ops Warzone: UNDETECTED
  • Escape From Tarkov: UNDETECTED
  • Apex Legends: UNDETECTED
  • PUBG: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds: UNDETECTED
  • Warface: UNDETECTED
  • Ark: Survival Evolved UNDETECTED
  • Ring Of Elysium: UNDETECTED
  • Rogue Company: UNDETECTED
  • Deadside: UNDETECTED
  • Unturned: UNDETECTED

  • FAQ

    When do I acquire my key?

    You acquire your key within 1-24 hours after opening a ticket on our discord server; our way is reliable and covers us in case of chargebacks.

    Do we get compensated for service downtime?

    Yes, you are automatically compensated for service downtime, some products can be different, and if so, I will contact you and provide you with a new key. 

    How can I become a reseller?

    For reselling inquiries, contact Avarice via forums or discord!

    Can I use the cheat on multiple computers?

    Unfortunately, all our cheats are HWID locked, disabling the ability of use on multiple computers. 

    I don't have Bitcoin or PayPal; how can I purchase?

    For Bitcoin, there is no alternative, but if you have a card, you can purchase as a guest, which can be done when you choose the 'Paypal' option at checkout.

    I've received my key, but where are the instructions?

    You can find the instructions within 'Manage Purchases'; once there, make sure to select the product you purchased, and the instructions will be listed in bold.

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